With Cook, Warm & Keep Heat Function

NON GREAsy stainless steel

Do You Know Why This is The Best Alternative to The Microwave? 

Heating food in plastic containers in the microwave releases 95 per cent of all bisphenol A chemicals that you eventually consume in your food... The most hazardous chemicals in plastic containers are bisphenol A, commonly known as BPA, and phthalate. The BPA we ingest gets into our bloodstream and may lead to a series of problems like infertility, hormonal changes, changes in gender traits and even different types of cancers.

Heating your food in the microwave can strip away its original nutrients. What may have started as a nutritious plate of food has now evolved into “dead food” due to the dielectric heating of microwaves. They bounce around the inside of your microwave oven and are absorbed by the food you put in it.

Serious impact on immune system: Eating food from microwave can have serious impact on your blood serum levels and lymph glands, affecting how your immune system works. Microwaved foods have the potential to cause immune system problems.

Increase cancer risk: When you put vegetables in microwaved, then the essential minerals are converted into free radicals, which can lead to cancerous activity in the body. It is advisable to not heat up any vegetables in microwaves as this can have serious disadvantages. The high temperatures can cause some serious risk.

Uses by Far Less Electricity Than The Microwave

Uses Just 200W of Electricity Compare to a Microwave that Uses no Less than 1500W

A Simple Example of What This Means

1. Estimate of time used: The Warmer is used for about 15 minutes per day (0.25 hour).
2. Wattage:  200W
3. Daily energy consumption:
200W × 0.25mins ÷ 1000 = 0.05 kWh (units of Electricity Per hour)

Compare to Microwave 

1. Estimate of time used: Microwave is used for about 15 minutes per day (0.25 hour).
2. Wattage:  1500W
3. Daily energy consumption:
1500W × 0.25mins ÷ 1000 = 0.375 kWh (units of Electricity Per hour)

Out Come of This Illustration

1. When we divide 0.375 kWh (Microwave) by 0.05 kWh (Warmer)
2. The Result is the Microwave uses 7.5 times more Electricity than this

This Can be Used on A Generator

 This can be powered by even the smallest generating set also known as "I Pass my neighbour"

easy to use & operate

Now you can warm food EASILY before eating without using your stove or gas cooker.
This New and multi-functional electric food warmer keeps your delicious meals FRESH and HOT anywhere anytime..

Just add some water to the bottom of the lunch box, packed food, then close the upper cover, no need to cover the bowl lid, please make sure that the upper cover is closed and the sides are buckled, then press the button on the lunch box, wait a while, then you can enjoy delicious food.

Anti-Dry Burning Protection 

Heat Resistance 

Can be Used in the Kitchen, At Work/Office or Even Travel With It 

Regular Price 37,000 NGN

 New Price 26,000 NGN


How long does delivery take?

Delivery takes between 2 to 4 days nationwide.

How long does it take to warm my food?

It takes within 5 to 8 minutes to evenly warm your food, depending on how hot you want your meal served.

Can this item cook?

Yes it can cook light meals of e.g rice, noodles, boil meat, vegetables, spaghetti & so on...

Can I travel with this item?

Yes. You can use it anywhere between your home, offices, or even in your hotel rooms. It is not bulky and easily be moved around.

Does it have an automatic regulator to prevent over-heating?

Yes it has an anti-dry burning protection in case of water shortages. It is also built to resist heat, very safe.

...Genuinely Interested In Safety.